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KingMaster Technology Co., Limited

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Add: No.8, huangbeiling Rd, Luohu Distric, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China, 518000.


Warranty Period
One year from the date the product is purchased, within this time period, free repairing or replacement is available.

The warranty doesn't cover the following situations:
1. Product defect or damage caused by improper installation, repair, modification, disassembly by unauthorized organization or   personnel
2. Warranty expired
3. The product has been disassembled or repaired by the customers themselves 
4. Product with physical damage caused by falling, squeeze, or deformation etc.
5. Product defect or damage caused by incidental or artificial factors
6. Product defect or damage caused by force majeure
7. Damage to the circuit board caused by use of inferior quality power adaptor which is not provided by our company
8. Product defect or damage caused by improper usage, storage, maintenance or operation that is not in accordance with product   instruction manual.
9. We offer lifetime service, if warranty expired, repair service is provided at the cost price

To submit a warranty claim, please send the following information to
1. Product serial number(which can be found on the warranty card)
2. Invoice or receipt