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The benefits of vehicle traveling data recorder / KingMaster

Author : Date : 11/5/2013 8:06:17 PM
responsibility when involved in a traffic accident between a motor vehicle and non-motor vehicles and pedestrians determination to protect the legitimate rights and interests of motorists, the machine uses the digital image sensor technology and high-performance digital image micro-processing chip technology, the whole process before and after the traffic accident dynamic image recording and processing, and can play through the computer player will re playback the whole process before and after the traffic accident, it is clear, intuitive view of the accident dynamic picture of the geographical environment, the condition of the vehicle, as well as the impact on traffic safety all kinds of factors, transportation, vehicle management department for accident analysis to determine the responsible party’s responsibility to provide a legal basis for the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of motorists. 
Recorder can record in real time information about activities of vehicle and driver driving very convenient, it can curb fatigue driving, speeding and other serious traffic violations, constraints, bad drivers driving behavior, prevention of road traffic accidents, to protect vehicle safety, raise the level of operational management and many other aspects play an important role. The event of a the accident recorder photographed the relevant records can be used as an evidence.

consulting lawyers say, screen recorder recorded accident completely when the responsibility to assess the evidence, "the screen recorder and camera near the scene of the accident photographed equal as the division of responsibilities and claims based on. "

1. Safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of drivers: often the way to go, how can I not Guaceng many people across the road and ride bicycles, motorcycles on the road scurry by, in case of scratching them, if you have onboard cameras provide valid evidence for themselves, then it is not a lot of trouble and loss can reduce? 
2. Driving recorder, can quickly leave the scene to restore the traffic, but also to retain valid evidence of the time of the incident, and to create a safe and smooth traffic environment; 
3. Event of a traffic accident With Driving Recorder, will facilitate traffic police enforcement, surveillance video recording and playback, the responsibility for the accident at a glance, traffic police handling the accident quickly and accurately; 
4 units of drivers with traffic recorder also hesitant to illegal driving and Gongjusiyong the accident rate will be significantly decreased, vehicle trips will be cameras filmed, you can always see; 
5. court in adjudicating cases of road traffic accidents, at the sentencing and compensation will be more accurate and evidence-based, also provides evidence of the claim to the insurance company; 
6. to encounter professional Pengci and highway robbery, traffic recorder will to solve the case brought decisive evidence: accident occurrence of the physical characteristics of the scene and the perpetrators! 
7. Friend like traveling by car, you can also liberation of your hands, use it to record your way to beautiful places, fun, can also do a general DV use. 
8. Vehicle accident insurance finds is a very good credentials. Determining Responsibility will be very clear, in terms of insurance companies, and quick.